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Nepal, a tiny Himalayan country, is considered as one of the most vulnerable nation to disaster. The entire country lies in a zone with high seismic activity. Earthquakes, floods, landslides, storms, hailstones, avalanches, fire hazards and epidemics are common natural disasters that expose Nepal to a high degree of risk. Besides the threat of these natural calamities, climate change is another factor that creates serious challenge from the environmental point of view. Over the past decade or so, several initiatives have been taken by international and regional agencies to support the national effort to protect and prepare Nepal from these challenges. Still much needs to be done for Nepal to be  a disaster resilient country. Having identified that there are many gaps in this effort to make Nepal more resilient to disasters, a group of experts in related subjects from different walks of life decided to establish a nongovernmental organization to contribute some efforts along with the collaboration of other national and international partners in the field of disaster and environment management.

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