Objectives of the Survey

A survey of all households in the Kathmandu Valley will inform levels of preparedness by exploring:

  • The reach and effectiveness of Government and NGO CBDRR programs/projects.
  • The state of emergency preparedness and preparedness measures.
  • Relationships between social, demographic, economic and behavioural variables with regard to levels of preparedness.

Significance of the household earthquake preparedness survey

  • Inform decision makers in Government and NGOs on the state of household preparedness.
  • Information for International Stakeholders for necessary planning.
  • Informs media and communication strategies.

Matrices to be utilized in the Household Earthquake Preparedness Survey

  • Hazard Knowledge
  • Formal and Informal Response Plans and Agreements
  • Life Safety Protection
  • Property Protection
  • Initiation of Recovery
  • Emergency Coping and Restoration of Key Functions

Technical Aspects of the Survey

The following steps will be taken to implement the survey and thus achieve its objectives:

  • Literature Review and Expert Opinion
  • Survey Design
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis of the data
  • Reporting and Recommendation

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